Our Staff

Staff Teams September 2019

Cover Supervisor

  • JTA Joanne Tasker Cover Supervisor

Pastoral Team Leaders

Personalised Learning Centre Co-ordinator

  • Rupert Shoebridge

Key Stage Progress Leaders

  • Nicky Fryer Key Stage Leader
  • Michael Wood Key Stage Leader

Year Progress Leaders

  • Claire Haselden Year 7
  • Beth Williams Year 8
  • Michael Wood Year 9
  • Jo West Year 10
  • Nicky Fryer Year 11

Year Student Manager

  • Fiona Seddon Year 7 Student Manager
  • Lily Martin Year 8 Student Manager
  • Natalie Gordon Year 9 Student Manager
  • Vikki Quirk Year 10 Student Manager
  • Helen Foster Year 11 Student Manager
  • Angela Healey Safeguarding Officer

Sixth Form

  • David Hemsley Director of Sixth Form
  • Alison Anders Sixth Form Year Student Manager
  • Kara Banks Sixth Form Progress Mentor
  • Nikki Hughes Admin Assistant - Sixth Form
  • Prunella Goss Sixth Form PSHE/Tutorial

Heads of House

  • Perseverance Natalie Murphy
  • Rocket Daniel Procter
  • Sans Pareil David Patterson
  • Stephenson Susan Fletcher

Support Staff

Senior Support Staff Team

  • Rob Owens Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Kearns Finance & Payroll Manager
  • Alison Mawdsley HR Manager, Clerk to Trustees
  • Loraine Potter Office Manager, PA to SLT
  • Ben Simpson Marketing Manager
  • Marc Khanna ICT Network Manager
  • Pam King Data and Assessment Analyst
  • Andy Lownsbrough Site Manager

Finance, Site and Community

  • Karen Kearns Finance & Payroll Manager
  • Janice McDermott Finance Assistant
  • Abbie Williams Finance & Payroll Assistant
  • Michael Tallant Community Development Co-ordinator
  • Andy Lownsbrough Site Manager
  • Thomas Crehan Caretaker
  • Martin Sweeney Weekend Caretaker - part time
  • Paul Warrener Caretaker


  • Alison Mawdsley HR Manager, Clerk to Trustees


  • Ben Simpson Marketing Manager

Network Support

  • Marc Khanna ICT Network Manager
  • Howard Jones Senior ICT Technician
  • Jack Muscroft ICT Technician
  • Phillip Cheetham Audio Visual Technician & ICT Technician

Data, Exams and Assessment

  • Pam King Data and Assessment Analyst
  • Bernadette Pitchford Examinations and Data Assistant


  • Loraine Potter Office Manager/PA to SLT
  • Jeanette Rigby Lead Admin Assistant
  • Joanne Fossard Admin Assistant - Receptionist
  • Deborah McGowan Admin Assistant - Attendance Officer
  • Nikki Hughes Sixth Form Admin Assistant
  • Emily Fox Admin Assistant
  • Rob Leyland Admin Assistant
  • Helen Coulthard Clerical Assistant – part time
  • Joanne Hill EN&MA Clerical Assistant
  • Kyle Donohue Reprographics Assistant

Midday Supervisors

  • Linda Hilditch
  • Joyce McElroy
  • Barbara Whittaker
  • Anne-Marie Knowles

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