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Good News

We’re on the lookout for GOOD NEWS! We know that Rainhill High is a fantastic school and that is because of the students, parents/carers, staff and local community, but we want EVERYONE to know just how brilliant our students and staff are!

It’s is nice to hear positive feedback and news from parents/carers about their child/children whether that be, for example:

• A big achievement

• A noteworthy act of generosity

• A member of staff that has gone above and beyond to support them

If you have any good news to contribute please use the form below to tell us the details. We will then get in touch for further details/photos as appropriate.

Depending on what the good news is, and your wishes, we will –

• Share it with the member of staff concerned

• Share it with the whole staff body through our Staff Newsletter

• Share in via our Parent Newsletter

• Publish it on our website and/or social media channels

• Put together a press release for local papers