BBC100 - ASSEMBLIES | Rainhill High School


On Friday 30th September we welcomed visitors from the BBC to deliver a series of assemblies to year 7 & 8 pupils as part of their 100 anniversary celebrations. The assemblies were presented by BBC presenter Lucas Yeomans and he hosted Q&A sessions with two special guests. The guests were BBC journalists Gem O’Reilly and Collette Hume who both shared their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and realising their dreams.

The assemblies were extremely well received, with feedback from pupils and staff being overwhelmingly positive. Our visitors were delighted with the maturity and enthusiasm of our students and complimented the school on how brilliant our students were.

As part of the assembly, Lucas introduced a competition which our pupils can get involved in. Students have been invited to submit a news piece on a topic that interests them which could be selected and produced into a professional piece by the BBC. More details can be found here