ENGLAND CALL UP | Rainhill High School


Fantastic news! Owen Dagnall, a former student of Rainhill, has achieved remarkable success in Rugby League. #rainhillrugby

Owen recently had the honour of being selected to represent England U19s in a match against France at the Stade Jules Ribet stadium in Saint Gaudens. Not only did he get the opportunity to play for his country, but he also made a significant impact by scoring in the game.

It's evident that Owen's hard work, dedication, and talent have paid off, and his accomplishments reflect positively on his alma mater, Rainhill. Being selected to play for England U19s is a tremendous achievement and a testament to his skills as a Rugby League player.

The 30-20 victory against France highlights the success of the entire team, and Owen's contribution to the win demonstrates his abilities on the field. Scoring in an international match is a remarkable feat and speaks volumes about his talent and composure under pressure.

The mention of "Keep up the good work, Owen" shows the pride and encouragement from the Rainhill community for his achievements. This kind of support and recognition is invaluable for young athletes and can inspire them to continue striving for greatness.

Owen's success not only brings pride to himself and Rainhill but also serves as an inspiration to other aspiring Rugby League players at the school. His achievements demonstrate that with passion, determination, and hard work, one can reach significant heights in their chosen field.

It will be exciting to follow Owen Dagnalls progress in the future, as he continues to develop his skills and potentially make further strides in his Rugby League career.