Introducing Rainhill PTFA | Rainhill High School

Introducing Rainhill PTFA

Rainhill High School are launching an exciting opportunity to make a real difference…

a PTFA to enhance links between home, school and the community and support key fundraising drives to provide enrichment opportunities and resources that make the pupils learning experiences more fulfilling and exciting, thereby bringing staff, parents and friends together socially in support of a common cause.

The ‘F’ in PTFA stands for ‘friends’, which means that anyone with a connection to the school is also very welcome, e.g. grandparents and members of the local community.

The ‘friends’ of Rainhill High will also provide a valuable resource for ‘parent voice’ when we want to consult with the community regarding proposed changes and developments across the school.

It is anticipated that the PTFA will meet once every half term, with meetings being friendly & informal. Commitment to the PTFA can flex around what you are able to provide, with core Committee members devoting more time and those who have a limited amount of time, perhaps only helping with the events they are available for; whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated!