RHS SPORTS ROUND UP | Rainhill High School




Congratulations to all of our dedicated netball teams for their outstanding performances at PGL over the weekend. Despite challenging weather conditions including torrential rain and snow, our girls exhibited remarkable resilience and sportsmanship.

In particular, we commend the exemplary efforts of our teams, with special mention to our Y8A team for their thrilling advancement to the final, secured by Sophie G's golden goal. Additionally, our Y9 team displayed impressive prowess, securing a spot in the final against The Heath school.

Noteworthy mentions go to our Y10 team for their commendable qualification for the semi-finals, showcasing their skills on the court.

As the weekend progressed, our teams continued to shine, culminating in a triumphant conclusion. We are immensely proud to announce the following results:

  • Y8A: 1st place
  • Y9: 2nd place
  • Y10: 3rd place

Furthermore, we are delighted to highlight the commendable sportsmanship demonstrated by our Y8B team, who were awarded the fair play accolade, a testament to their exemplary conduct as recognized by external umpires. #rainhillnetball


Victorious Football Teams Triumph in Local Cups

In a remarkable showcase of talent and determination, several school football teams have secured significant victories in prestigious local tournaments.

The Year 9/10 girls football team exhibited an outstanding performance, securing their spot in the quarter-finals of the Merseyside Cup. With a display of dominance from the first whistle to the final, they showcased their prowess on the field and earned a well-deserved advancement in the competition.

Equally impressive, the Year 9 boys football team demonstrated their skills on the pitch, progressing to the next round of the St Helens Cup after a commendable victory over St Cuthberts. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, as they continue to make strides in the tournament.

Not to be outdone, the Year 10 boys football team showcased their talent in a fiercely contested match against Sutton High. In a thrilling encounter, they emerged victorious with a narrow 1-0 win, securing their place in the St Helens Town Cup final. The decisive goal, scored by Nugent, propelled them to this remarkable achievement, marking a momentous occasion for Rainhill Football.

These victories not only reflect the exceptional skill and teamwork of the players but also highlight the dedication and commitment of the coaches and support staff. Their tireless efforts in training and preparation have undoubtedly contributed to the success of these teams.

As the teams gear up for the next stages of their respective tournaments, the entire Rainhill Football community stands united in support, cheering them on as they strive for further glory. With their determination and talent, there's no doubt that these teams will continue to make their mark on the local football scene, inspiring future generations of players in the process. #rainhillfootball