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Exams, Performance & Compare

The Department for Education performance tables for schools in England have been published. They include the new progress 8 measure with a focus on the best 8 GCSE results including English and Maths and A level progress scores. Rainhill High School is delighted to confirm that it has improved outcomes again in 2017 for its students both at GCSE and A Level.

Rainhill 6th Form is also delighted to announce that it is the highest performing school based Sixth form for A levels in the area, performing above other students nationally with similar GCSE starting points. In addition to this, those studying applied and technical courses perform well above other similar students nationally.

These results are testament to the hard work, effort and commitment of the students throughout their time with us. The teachers and support staff do an outstanding job - we are very proud of them all and will continue to make sure that the time students spend with us is enjoyable, rewarding and leads onto great things in their future

Performance Data KS4

The last published performance data is from the academic year 2018/2019. Due to Covid, there is no published data for 2019/20.

Full details of the school’s performance can be found by following the link


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