House System | Rainhill High School

House System

The House system is based around the world-famous Rainhill Trials, each house is connected to the railway history of the village by name.

The purpose of the Houses is to recognise the day to day contributions to the school community but also to recognise and celebrate extraordinary achievements and contributions through a House point system. Everyone is included, everyone makes a contribution. Events are run throughout the year by all faculties, year groups and Houses; a number include charity work and other good causes. Students are actively encouraged to participate in activities that promote a positive school culture within and beyond the school day, this may be part of the events team, faculty buddies or the local community support group. The House System will drive our rewards system. Students will receive points for:

  • participating in House events
  • participating in enrichment/extra curricular events
  • making a contribution to the wider school/community
  • demonstrating leadership and initiative
  • making a difference to others
  • work in lesson
  • attitude to learning
  • Form Tutor 5

Points are accumulated by students throughout the year and during House assemblies students will be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. Further information regarding House Events will be included in the Parent and Student Newsletter.

Each student is allocated to a House. This is determined by which tutor group they are in. Students PE top/strip on tie will be the colour of their House. This year sees the launch of our fifth House “Braithwaite”. Some students will move across to this new House to ensure an even distribution across the Houses.

Perseverance - Green

Head of House: Mr Sharman

Perseverance was the first steam locomotive that took part in the Rainhill Trials. It was built by Timothy Burstall.

Rocket - White

Head of House: Miss Burgess

The Rocket was the most advanced steam engine of its day. It was built for the Rainhill Trials held by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1829 to choose the best and most competent design. It set the standard for a hundred and fifty years of steam locomotive power.

Sans Pareil - Yellow

Head of House: Mr Cowley

Sans Pareil was a steam locomotive built by Timothy Hackworth which took part in the 1829 Rainhill Trials on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, held to select a builder of locomotives. The name means, roughly, 'Without equal' in French.

Stephenson - Purple

Head of House: Mr Webster

Robert Stephenson FRS (16 October 1803 – 12 October 1859) was an English civil engineer. He was the only son of George Stephenson, the famed locomotive builder and railway engineer; many of the achievements popularly credited to his father were actually the joint efforts of father and son.

Braithwaite - Orange

Head of House: Miss Wignall

John Braithwaite was the co-creator (with John Ericsson) of 'Novelty' - an early steam locomotive built by to take part in the Rainhill Trials in 1829. It was an 0-2-2WT locomotive and is now regarded as the first tank engine. It had a unique design of boiler and a number of other novel design features (perhaps explaining the choice of name).